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Settlement of Mastihari

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¨Housing estate in the settlement of Mastihari on Kos island¨.

In the center of the island, five kilometers from the airport, right across the island of Kalimnos, is located the quiet and picturesque, right on the sea settlement of Mastihari.

topografikoThe location of the housing estate is at the expansion of the settlement, with great view towards the sea, from where you can enjoy one of the greatest sunsets you have ever seen.

The building site is 4.112,12 m2, located 150 meters from the sea and right in front of it extends one of the most beautiful beaches 2.000 meters long, with a formatted path for enjoyable walks.

In this building site are being constructed 18 independent houses for permanent stay or for summer holidays which consist of living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, W.C., store room, access to the terrace, big verandas and two or three bedrooms with expanding potential or alteration potential, according to the demands of those who are interested.

Each house has its own formed area according to the study.

The padestrianized neighbourhoods and the areas with green plantation create ideal and safe conditions of living for older people and children.

These houses are spacious, with the correct orientation and with their own character, which makes more intense the sense of uniqueness and independence.

The construction is carried out according to the plans approved by the qualified city planning office and concerns the architectural, statical, heat-insulation, fire-insurance studies, as well as electric-mechanical engineering installations.

Antiseismic regulation is being followed in full, which is from the strictest in Europe.

  • The carcacing of the constructions is of reinforced concrete C 20/25 with steel S 500.
  • The external masonry is made of double brick with insulation in the middle, total thickness 0,25m. The internal masonry is of brick with thickness 0,10m.
  • The lime plaster is of three layers with certain percentage of sand, concrete-calcium and at the external lime plaster is being added insulating material.
  • The external window frames are according to the architectural study, white aluminum - double glazed which are heat insulating and sound proof.
  • The internal doors are wooden with inox locks and handles.
  • The kitchen is embed according to the study. All electrical appliances are being purchased by the buyer.
  • The wardrobes are made of 18mm laminato with shelves and drawers with the color of wood and inox handles, colored as the doors.
  • The floors are of first quality ceramic tiles.
  • At the bathrooms and the WCs all walls are with tiles up to the height of the doors.
  • Similarly the verandas are covered with tiles for external use or tiles of stone.
  • The base of the doors and windows, as well as the stairs are with marble.
  • Insulation - All basements are covered with insulating material for total insulation. At the terraces and at the walls a special study of heat – insulation is being put into practice.
  • Coloring – all internal and external surfaces are being painted with special ecological colors according to study.
  • All electrical installations are according to Greek and International security rules from trained personnel and according to study. Each room has TV, satellite TV and telephone line installations.
  • All sanitary articles and taps are being placed according to study. There is also installation for washing machine in the bathroom.
  • The hydraulic installation of each house is independent with its own connection to the main water supply system.
  • Each house has all needed installations for connecting its own central heating  according to the heating study.
  • Hot water is provided by triple energy solar geyser.
  • The yard that goes with every house is formatted and limited.

All material used during the construction are according to the study, of excellent quality from recognized Greek or European firms.

The above technical specifications may be altered after agreement with the buyer.

With certainty about the quality, aesthetic and functional result of our job, we can guarantee ideal conditions of stay.